Process Control Design and Build

Process control cabinet

Tritec’s experience in control systems engineering enables us to offer process control design and build capabilities in all aspects of process automation.

Our capabilities include:

  • PLC Design (inc Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs) 
  • Multi-axis Servo Systems Design 
  • Pneumatics Systems Design (including SMC & Norgren) 
  • Safety System Design (including Pilz PNOZ) 
  • Control Panel Design, Build
  • Human Machine Interface (Keypads & Touch Screen) 
  • Embedded PC Controllers (with Win32 front-end) 
  • Integration with existing client Control Systems
  • Mitsubishi MELSMART Approved Motion Systems Specialist

Control Panels / Cabinets

Control panel cabinet

Where a control systems engineering project requires a control panel or control cabinet, Tritec can design and build this to the clients individual requirements. This allows complete flexibility over functionality, design, layout and wiring.

Be it a custom HMI in the door showing status information, key access, ventilation, space left for future expansion, indicator LEDs, emergency stop, or push buttons – whatever your requirements, Tritec can build the cabinet to meet them.

Control cabinets are usually built and tested in our own workshop, prior to installation on site. This minimises installation time, and therefore site downtime.

Tritec also provide upgrades, modifications and repairs to existing control cabinets, giving a new lease of life to legacy equipment.

PLC Development

Many process control solutions require Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). PLCs provide flexible and rapid automation for industrial environments.

Tritec are a Mitsubishi Electric Systems Specialist, and have many years experience programming PLCs in a wide variety of environments.

Tritec also has experience in producing HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) interfaces to PLC systems, for status reporting and process control/management. We can either interface to existing systems, or develop new ones as part of the whole process control design and build project.

See how Tritec provided this service in case studies from Airbus UK, Dewlay Cheesemakers and BAe Systems.