About Us

Bold Business Centre, St. Helens

Tritec Developments has been designing and manufacturing award winning products since its formation in 1989.

The three founding directors – Steve Curd, Mark Guenault, and David Myers – all came from technical backgrounds with a reputation for high quality, innovative designs.

Tritec fibre optic splicing equipment

Initially the company developed and brought to market their own range of Fibre Optic Installation Equipment, including the FASE II Fusion Splicer and HSO II Heatshrink Oven. These are no longer manufactured, but are still supported at our sister site, tritec.biz.

Tritec began taking on increasing amounts of design consultancy work for other businesses, eventually focussing solely on this work and recruiting skilled hardware, software, production and installation engineers to grow the team.

The company, which is still privately owned by the three directors, now has many years of combined experience in control systems engineering, product design and manufacture.

Based in the Northwest of England, Tritec have developed a worldwide reputation for quality and design excellence.