Equipment Specification and Procurement

Mitsubishi logo for equipment specification and procurement

Tritec’s experience in equipment specification and procurement from a wide range of manufacturers enables us to select the best products for your project. 

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to balance competing requirements for functionality, cost, ease-of-use, lead times, support and maintainability, to recommend and acquire the most suitable items. As an independent company we are not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier, so our customers needs can always come first. 

Tritec is a Mitsubishi MELSMART Approved Motion System Specialist but also specifies and uses products from other manufacturers including:

  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley
  • SMC
  • Norgren
  • Pilz

Tritec can either recommend products for the client to purchase or use its close links with the suppliers to procure equipment on the clients behalf.

See how Tritec provided this service in case studies from Airbus UK, Dewlay Cheesemakers and BAe Systems.