Occasionally clients come to Tritec with a great product idea but are uncertain of the best way to proceed. Tritec can work with them at this early stage; discussing the concept, making recommendations and refining their ideas. 

Feasibility studies and initial research

Tritec has the up-to-date knowledge and expertise to carry out feasibility studies and initial research to indicate the best options available and make recommendations.

This could be simply tapping into our experience of hardware options, from the most suitable microprocessor or chipset available. Our close contact with component manufacturers and distributors means we can access their technical support and ensure parts are suitable for our clients needs. 

Tritec also often carry out small research tasks to verify and validate ideas. Using simple breadboard hardware or evaluation boards, alongside developing software drivers, we can give confidence that an idea works – or prevent clients heading down the wrong path early on. 


Tritec can assist customers to precisely define the goals of the project and requirements of the product. This may involve detailed compilation of the technical specification from analysis of the functional requirements, or more simply converting a functional list into a specification.


Our ability to manufacture single- and double-sided printed circuit boards, coupled with our ability to modify and reworks PCBs where necessary, enables us to rapidly test and refine an electronic design concept. 

Tritec designs all its mechanical components using a 3D CAD system so we can quickly create 3D rendered concepts to help visualise our designs. Our in-house 3D printing capability, together with our experience of sourcing rapid prototyping enables us to produce physical models to prove fit and function within days. 

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