Amika Room Sensor

Neocare PCB and schematic

NeoCare was formed to exploit a technology for non-invasively monitoring patients in UK care homes, initially developed by the Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems at Liverpool University. The product uses a ceiling-mounted optical sensor coupled with novel software to monitor and analyse changes to inhabitants providing an alarm on a remote linked PC.


Tritec became involved with the project at an early stage, helping to form the technical specification of the optical sensor and indicating the best technical approaches to adopt.


We were able to offer the client a complete design service starting with the selection of the optical sensor, viewing optics and top level electronic design and moving onto detailed digital design (using an integrated image sensor, microprocessor and logic array) and power supply design (using a Power-over-Ethernet module).

Close integration of the electronics and the firmware, and placing the low-cost image sensor chip directly onto the digital electronics board enabled the client to achieve a very cost effective design whilst still maintaining the flexibility for future enhancements to the product.


Our engineers developed the logic design and firmware for processing the images generated by the sensor and, working closely with the client, created the software interface between the sensor and the system computer.

Mechanical Design

Neocare mechanical design drawings

Tritec also provided concept designs for the sensor housing, indicating the various production techniques available and their cost implications. We were then able to take the customer’s preferred design and produce rapid prototyped models to test fit and function

Tritec’s experience in machine vision and it’s unique range of skills meant that it was ideally suited to finding the most cost-effective design path. By close cooperation with the client we were able to meet the very tight time-scales, completing the project in less than five months from specification to working prototype.

“Tritec performed brilliantly, the product worked first time, the support they provided throughout was a major factor in the success of this development”

Chris Unsworth, Managing Director, NeoCare


Early concept drawings for the appearance of the sensor
Final chosen design for the sensor
Hardware design and manufactured PCB
Development and testing at TRITEC
Sensor casing, inner view
Sensor casing, outer view