TRITEC skills used on this project
digital electronics design
analogue electronics design
firmware design
PC software design
Blundell Production Equipment
CMS Series Wave Soldering Machines

Blundell Production Equipment approached TRITEC to design the control system for their second-generation flow soldering machines.

TRITEC was responsible for the design of the control electronics and operating firmware for a range of machines. The system incorporated process control and display, utilising a single hardware design to be re-used with different software for each machine.

The mechanical and functional operation of the flow soldering machines was fine tuned by engineers from both Blundell and TRITEC working closely together as a team.

Later developments in the product lifecycle have resulted in TRITEC being commissioned to develop turnkey data-monitoring and remote control software, to run on a Windows based PC connected serially to a machine.

“Working with TRITEC is like having our own control engineering department”
Mike Blundell, Production Department

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Blundell Production Equipment
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